Sunday, 23 September 2012

I'm on to these roaches....

This is how I catch roaches. No more napkin battling!
Side note: The "leg" in this video wound up being roach poop.

 Prior to this video, we caught a roach; and after trapping it in this very bucket, I decided to spray it to death with Mr. Muscle. That cleaner is legit and potent to roaches. I'll never buy Raid again.

I've become a bit of a roach expert having only lived a China a month thus far! This video proves (to my roommate and I) that Mr. Muscle, indeed, is a wiser choice than Raid when it comes to ending the life of a cockroach.

When shopping for a roach exterminator, keep it mind that Mr. Muscle dominates Raid for these reasons:
1. Mr. Muscle is more cost effective.
2. Mr. Muscle is friendlier to your nose.
3. Mr. Muscle serves several purposes.
4. Mr. Muscle works twice as fast as Raid!
5. Mr. Muscle has a robust, brawny guy on the label :]

In China, roaches are ubiquitous regardless of where you are. You cannot live without them. Here are ways to cut down on the mutants:
1. Never leave a MORSEL of food out. This includes your trash.
2. Check your food cabinets for holes. If you find one, do not store food in it! Tip: refrigerate more food.
3. Live on a higher floor. Level 6 over here!
4. If you set out roach poison, put it in your roomates room so they are not attracted to YOUR room. Hehe.

More roach videos:

                                            Say hello to my little friend.

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